Moving Forward Means Facing Our Fears

Moving Forward Means Facing Our Fears

It’s been easy to get comfortable hiding away in my little flat and being a hermit, only venturing out to purchase food and coffee. I love my own company. I’m happiest when I’m on my own, working on my writing and other creative projects.

But, as the saying goes, no person is an island.

We don’t live in a void. We are connected to the world around us, including other people. We have gifts and passions that the world needs. But sharing those comes at a price.

We must face our fears.

Fears come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The fears that I have may not be the same as the fears that you have, even though that fear might be around the same thing. For example, we both might have a fear of being on stage and giving a presentation. My fear might be based around being laughed at. Your fear might be about not having all the information for your presentation. Those fears are going to manifest in different ways, and they will come from different root causes.

The trick is to take the Hermit’s lantern and go within our own selves. It is in our darkest shadows that our greatest gifts can be found. The trouble is, we’ve been conditioned to believe that our darkest shadows are our greatest weaknesses, which is why we have hidden them for so long.

To be able to move forward and be all that we can be, we need to face those fears. Talk to that fear and ask it what it has to teach us, what is its message. There’s always a lesson or a message. Often it will be pointing us towards our passions and joys.

Lately the universe is asking me to deal with some fears I have, and the reward is definitely something I want. Actually, there’s a couple of really nice rewards. But, I have to face these fears first.

One of the fears is not having control over the ways things are happening in my life. I love to plan every single small detail, I love to overthink things as much as possible, and I love to have tight control over the direction of my life. The universe is asking/challenging me to relax my grip and trust that the universe has it in hand. Certain things can’t happen until I relax my grip on these things.

Facing the unknown brings up our worst fears, but this is the perfect opportunity to actively confront our ego (who encourages us to look at our fears through a huge magnifying glass) and prove that our fears are unfounded. Once we prove that those fears are based on illusion, we can then move forward in that particular area of our lives.

If we don’t face our fears we become stagnant. Stagnant water always starts to stink and is not very nice to be around. I’ve been around people who are stagnant. It’s not very nice.

I want to be an example for others, to show that it’s not as hard as we think it’s going to be. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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