The Magick of Words

The Magick of Words

There is a great deal of magick in words, that’s why it’s called “spelling”. Writing out our dreams, a love letter, a poem, a novel, a journal entry – there is something magickal that happens when we put thoughts into words. The universe starts to take notice, and suddenly things start happening.

When I was a child I was always writing something, usually a story of some sort. I would dive in and let my imagination have free reign. But something happened and I stopped. Adults, such as my parents and teachers, told me that I wasn’t good at writing stories.

So, I stopped.

In the heart and mind of my much younger self the message that I heard was “you’re not good enough” and “you don’t have anything valuable to say”.

Those words were powerful enough to stop me from writing for a long time. Magick words indeed!

I have tried over the years to write stories again, numerous times, but was frustrated with my attempts and usually gave up. I still believed those lies told to me by my parents and teachers. I also tended to compare my work to other people who had been publishing for years.

My connection to my writing is an area that needs healing, and healing comes with patience and just doing the thing, along with recognising when the narrative in my mind is not my own. I knew what my narrative should be. After all, I have this urge to write. It consumes me. But I struggle with it. I struggle to even find something to blog about.

The narrative that isn’t mine needs to go. It’s the voices that tell me that I can’t write and that I have nothing to add to the conversation.

My Greatest Strengths

My greatest strengths are the ones that I have hidden in the deepest and darkest part of myself. They are locked in a room, and only I have the key.

In this room are three things:

  1. My writing
  2. My sexuality
  3. My gender identity

These are the things that I’ve hidden for various reasons since I was small. I’m in the process of coaxing them out of the closet and into the sunshine.

These three are my greatest strengths, not my greatest weaknesses as society tells me. And they all influence and strengthen each other. My writing is always so much stronger when I’m writing from my authentic self.

Magick Words

Every day we set intentions, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. Those intentions are expressed in a variety of ways.

When intentions are said aloud or written down they seem to have more magick than if they are just thought. When they are thought they are like mist, hard to capture. But, once a thought is expressed outside of the mind it starts to manifest in this reality.

What am I manifesting?

I have noticed that the biggest thing I want to manifest in my life now is more joy. I want to be happy. And so I have been exploring what this means to me and working out the things that bring me joy. I’ve been doing this in my journal. Each day I seem to write more and more. Some days I write so much that my hand and arm starts to ache. As I pour out my heart onto the page with a pen, I realise that doing so brings me joy. It helps to clear out my head and unblock my heart so that life can flow again.

Writing, for me, is the most powerful form of magick that I have access too. It helps me to sort out my headspace and bring myself into more peace and acceptance.

My life is certainly not where I want it to be at this point in time. I can feel the changes that are waiting in the wings. If I focus on manifesting joy, then the things that are meant to be in my life will appear, as if by magick.

Joy, I think, is the ultimate thing to focus on bringing into my life. And writing is just one of the ways I’m using to manifest it.

Words are a Powerful Magick

Words are truly a powerful form of magick. I could write a lot about this topic, and I will in future blog posts. For now I will end it here.

Something to think about: what are you manifesting with your words?

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Author: Johoanna

2 thoughts on “The Magick of Words

  1. I relate to this so much! I’ve been trying to allow myself to write more and I keep feeling like nothing is quite good enough to share anywhere, not finished enough, not useful enough, etc. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth, you’re welcome. Just share your stuff. The right people will find it, and your writing will improve too. 🙂

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